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seven web specials

rather than excessive links, too many or too overwhelming…. here’s a few church leadership goodies, I’ve shortlisted for you….. 1 Challies quite stunning: visual theology – make sure to take a look! 2 Mike Breen’s ‘how to be a disciple: that makes disciples!’ – priority!? 3 Steve Sjogrens’ 12 resolutions about church planting …..simply brilliant!  4 Clarity, leadership and […]

things I’ve found around…..www

just a few goodies that grabbed me recently….. Enjoy! Behance: 99-percent change making ideas!,  a one-hour planning strategy resource: for better living?! Leadership notes: ‘Made to Stick!’ the book in 12-page summary, or 3-page summary!, battling spiritual restlessness, An excellent guide to meetings: there’s so much learning here!, How ideas get translated into reality is vital…99-conference brilliance […]

from around the web….

Technology and trends, spiritual metrics for transformation, rethinking how we present the gospel by Frank Viola, Productivity tips from Justin Wise, Seth Godin about the absence of applause, how grace motivates us, books and ownership, Viv Thomas’s leadership file, sadly-true values of a church in decline, Andrew Petersons – the silence of God, the most […]

web goodness

Boom to these great apologetics….from Einstein, this worship track is beautiful: Riddle & Bethel, Amazing spiritually healthy spirituality resources here from Pete Scazzero’s church, attentive listening to the spirit of the living God, the dangerous beautiful calling as Pastors, Dr MLJones wisdom….., why church hurts, Spiritual warfare by John Ortberg, a former-pastors regret, Together for the Gospel: […]

web finds

Making it too easy or raising the bar, Spirit-empowered gospel-driven faith-fuelled efforts by Kevin DeYoung, 10-ways to be a follower, Brand-alley for shopping goodness!, Easter goodness in the resurrection, Leadership manifesto from Resurgence, Manifesto-making wisdom from Mark Powley, Facebook friendship reflections by Tim Chester, 21 things other people don’t do!?, The importance (and beauty) of […]

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