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Eugene Peterson serves up another treat in his newest title. This forty-nine part delight directs us to lives of congruence and fruitfulness as disciples of Christ. These forty-nine chapters are former sermons gathered around the writings of key bible leaders. The shape and flow of these are measured, weighty and inspiring. Peterson’s gift is wisely weighted words. This book drips with wisdom and is full of life. His heartbeat for the gospel is gently and winsomely proclaimed, “Always and everywhere in Scripture our attention is brought back to the central fact: God is a person; God makes persons; God remakes [...]

five on Friday

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John Wesley, the great evangelist, said, “Give me a hundred persons who fear nothing but God, hate nothing but sin and are determined to know nothing among men but Jesus Christ and him crucified, and I will set the world on fire with them.” 1 Samuel Lane's worship ministry is so very helpful - enjoy this.  2 Habit formation is vital to pastoral ministry - a TED talk perspective 3 Mary deMuth is a helpful voice and here's her writing wisdom 4 Attractional church is not enough, it has to be about mission! 5 The ministry of presence and the Church [...]


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sees us clamour a little....... My heroically lovely sister claims more of the *green than me!! My passport says British, like hers but we're never going to get tribal in the kingdom of God, but on St Patricks day, it's always going to be colourful and predictable on social media. Lincoln said it earliest and wittiest today! "My three favourite Irish saints are called Hatrick!" Reflecting on Patricks words of confession are worth a few moments here. I was called back to these words of Patrick.... "O God, give me of Thy wisdom, O God, give me of Thy mercy, [...]

five on Friday

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“Cowards live for the sake of living, but for heroes, life is a weapon, a thing to be spent, a gift to be given to the weak and the lost and the weary, even to the foolish and the cowardly” Empire of Bones by N D Wilson 1 Dark nights provoke dark questions. The care of the soul matters. 2 Fiction writing that will shape your theology. A great list here. 3 Questions that lead us well to Easter Day. Provocative stuff. 4 Confessions of flawed pastoral leadership. Wise stuff. 5 Seven things that keep life simple. Helpfully so!

five on Friday

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"In any creative enterprise there are risks, mistakes, false-starts, failures, frustrations, embarrassments, but out of this mess - when we stay with it for long enough, there slowly emerges love or beauty or peace." Eugene Peterson 1 The salutary warning, from The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr. 2 A dream bucket-list of bookshops to visit, perhaps....just perhaps! 3 Chris Russell's great prompt. Why evangelism is non-negotiable. Always. 4 Don't just write a book, but write a serious book. A work of depth. 5 Characteristics of the false self: God's beckon out of the 'pretend life.' Great EHS resources again.  

five on Friday

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"Sanctification" does not mean to try to sin less and less until you magically stop sinning some day. It simply means to become more and more aware of who lives inside you until it automatically spills over into everything you do.So how about you and I become more  aware of who lives inside you? 1 Missional resources. Top class videos and other V3 goodies. 2 Six fear killing questions. Yep, 'if failure were not a possibility, what would you want your life to achieve?' This is one of the favourites I've often returned too. 3 Creative cover letter writing. Some inspiration [...]


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"No single attribute creates more beauty in the world than a life lived out of love. Imagine how the world would be different if each of us left every person we ever met better than we found them. Imagine a world where love was the rule, where love was the boundary, where it was unthinkable to violate the principle: 'Love your neighbour as yourself.'...Whatever else we may accomplish in our lives, if we neglect this arena, if we diminish the importance of human relationships, if we live our lives for any lesser principle than the principle of love, our lives [...]


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In any creative enterprise there are risks, and false-starts resulting in glorious and rare fruit, often unseen elsewhere. Manchester has known the gift of the Message Trust, and God's honour has been seen in the mix of this gritty, consistent movement of changed lives. The unrelenting faith of a life sent on purpose is portrayed in inspiring terms here. The parallel pathway of Isaiah and northern mission finds rootedness in the pursuit of God, holiness, service and transformation in this world. Scripture, stories, creativity and journal space give this new title and range of publications, lots of capacity to inspire ongoing [...]

good work

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Christian scripture gives us hope for all of life. For all of our lives including our workplaces, despite frustration, they are to be places of formative spiritual hope in the face of pursuing vocation in this world. So here Keller considers the nature of work, how sin messes up work, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ relates to work. Everyone has the experience of imagining accomplishing things but being incapable of producing them. Without God, all our best will never measure up, but with God our work can be part of bringing about the future healed world. While others have written more [...]

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